Getting Started with SpectrumSCM™ is Quick!
The purpose of this tutorial is to enable a new user to get started with SpectrumSCM in as short a period of time as possible. While there are often multiple ways to perform most tasks, this tutorial presents the primary methods for accomplishing the activities presented. For additional/detailed information, please refer to the individual context sensitive help screens and contact the SpectrumSCM™ support team if questions persist.
  1. Create a project
  2. Create Generic
  3. Modify Generic
  4. Assign life cycle Phases
  5. Create a User
  6. Add User Roles/Access Authorization
  7. Create CR Attributes
  8. Create CR
  9. Assign CR
  10. Progress CR
  11. Establish local root directory
  12. Adding Source
  13. Load Directory Tree
  14. Check out files
  15. Check in files
  16. Branching files
  17. Merging files
  18. Recommoning files
  19. Review Reports