How is SpectrumSCM™ a Unique and Powerful SCM tool

SpectrumSCM is a full-featured configuration management tool that includes -

Powerful client-server architecture with an intuitive easy-to-use Graphical User Interface, which works in LAN, WAN and WWW environments.

100% pure Java™, for complete platform independence. Client and server can run on any platform supporting the appropriate Java Virtual Machine. The client can even be run through your browser.

Extreme ease of use. A full featured browser/application based interface with absolutely no dependency on the underlying OS.

Inclusion of management features, not as an ADD-ON but as a key element of the product designed in from the beginning. Including, but not limited to

    Full featured issue tracking support – Customizable categories
__(i.e. Fit our tool to your current development process
__instead of changing your development process to fit our tool!)

Online reporting features

Easy Product recreation.

Any file version
Any product release

Build by Change Requests (CRs), not by file version
Build by Release (Release is a collection of CRs). It is much easier to
__ remember a release number than it is to remember the CR number(s)
__ that refers to a specific release.

Extensive support of a complete infrastructure including, but not limited to
Generics (Branching)
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