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SpectrumSCM - Process centric Source Code Management built from the ground up for excellence!

SpectrumSCM wins JavaPro 2006 Readers Choice Award
SDTimes - Spectrum brings integrated SCM to Eclipse
CM Crossroads - Configuration Management the way it should be.
ADT Mag - The most feature-rich collection of SCM functionality I've seen in a single box.

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"We chose Spectrum SCM because of its simplicity of use, dynamic changing of components, email notification capabilities and cost. It has allowed us to easily do configuration control on source code, documentation, and deployment distributions." "Spectrum SCM made source code control easy.  We did not have to waste a lot of time performing mundane tasks. Our software builds were simple and quick. Spectrum SCM is the best configuration management tool that I have ever used.  It is very powerful yet easy to learn." "As far as your support group goes, they've been first rate; very responsive and a pleasure to deal with. The same can be said about your company in general. Everyone I've dealt with has been very helpful and informative."
"With the growing complexity of our software and the need to maintain a number of different configurations, we quickly reached the end of the possible with CVS. As a consequence, we started looking for alternatives able to model the whole process of creating software. SpectrumSCM was the only affordable tool that provided us with a powerful versioning system, simple but extendable workflow engine and a release management in one simple to use bundle." "We were looking for a software configuration management system that would allow us to do development on Solaris, Linux, VxWorks, and Mac OS X. We needed a system that kept revision control and issue tracking tightly synced. SpectrumSCM has satisfied all these things for us and is considerably less expensive than the alternatives." "We found SpectrumSCM to be a good company that has been easy to do business with and one with a product that has proven to meet our needs. The support we’ve had has been very good. We’ve even recommended the solution to others in our industry who have similar needs as ours. We have found the solution to be robust, adoptable and adaptable."

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  • Telecom
  • Government
  • Defense Contractors
  • Insurance
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • IT Services
  • Manufacturing
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  • Engineering
  • R&D Labs