Software Products Division
SpectrumSCM | Source Code Management
Powerful, easy-to-use, intuitive and most economical full featured SCM tool around, that includes version control, process control/management, release management, branching, issue tracking and much more, all integrated in one tool.

SpectrumMAPS | Decision Support Tool
Coming Soon!
A Decision Support Tool for Project Managers and Executives
Multi-Media Division
Dee Cee Dreams Vol.1
Deecee Dreams Vol 1 | CD ROM for Kids 3-8
Join Dee Cee the dreamcatcher in a delightful spin through a world of dreams and activity. Sift through Dee Cee's net and discover the gems that lie in store for kids.

Dee Cee Dreams Vol.2
Deecee Dreams Vol 2 | CD ROM for Kids 3-8
Experience the different facets and values with exciting activities and fabulous music.

Dee Cee Dreams Vol.3
Deecee Dreams Vol 3 | CD ROM for Kids 3-8
Simply crawling with hands-on-action with two stories, both peppered with activity, surprises and as many as 10 songs, and a total of 15 activities kids will love.