SpectrumSCM™ Overview

How is SpectrumSCM™ a Unique and Powerful SCM tool (contd)

Power user support through the use of command line capabilities and complete custom editor support (vi, emacs, ed, notepad, and other third party editors)
Complete user access controls (via logins, user names, etc.)
Multiple object database volumes, that is, one database per project for storage of meta information, which translates to unlimited storage
Zero database administration needs

Fully threaded product, i.e best performance on multi CPU machines.

Full customizable definition of user roles
  Developer (Can perform work on an allocated CR, new CR etc…)
Generic Engineer (Can create new branches with commoned files, etc…)
Administrator (Can create new users, change user rolls, add additional database images, etc.)
Your source can be in any format you want, be it text, binary, graphics or web pages to name but a few.
  Of course, since most source code is text there are some features specific to enhancing text file development processes -
  GUI contains tree structure view of current project, modules, generics(branches), directories, files.
  Files can be quickly viewed through the GUI and past versions of the file can be called up just by clicking on a previous CR or version number which are exposed as pull downs in the file sub-frame.
  Projects can be quickly switched to and from in the GUI simply by applying a project list pull down.
  Integrated chat and e-mail notification features.

JAVA based internet security model.

User definable modules - to speed up editing of multiple related files while maintaining the relationship between them.
Supports many projects running concurrently. Fully scalable project based architecture.

Manages changes to all project components as they move through their development and approval cycles.

Supports and is built into the software development process, customizable to fit in with your process.

Stresses the technical aspects of CM through an understanding of the development process and most important, being part of the development process.

Provides assistance in meeting many of your SEI-CMM objectives.

Simple install wizard installation. The minimum requirement is one server wizard then point your browser and go.

SpectrumSCM is fully customizable to suit your business needs and your development processes.
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