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Spectrum Software Launches First Truly Integrated, Platform-Independent SCM System
TECHNOLOGY - 23 June 2003 12:42 by Webitpr
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Java-based SpectrumSCM® provides full featured, truly integrated suite for managing e-Assets

Cambridge, UK, 23 June 2003: Spectrum Software, Inc., today announces the UK launch of SpectrumSCM®, the world’s first truly integrated, platform independent, fully-featured e-Asset management system for both software enterprises and non-IT organizations.

SpectrumSCM - a fully integrated source configuration management [SCM] system - is an easy-to-use tool that manages the entire project lifecycle for the definition, development, creation and release of any ‘e-Asset’, such as software, source code, text, documents, drawings, images or web pages.

The software can be installed and run on any operating system with a Java™ Virtual Machine [JVM], which is available for all the well-known OS platforms. Such independence, and the fact that its on-board database is 100% Java™ based, means that the SpectrumSCM server and client software can be freely moved from one hardware platform to another without the need to buy additional licenses or worry about changes to the way the tool operates.

In addition to its flexibility, SpectrumSCM incorporates the Java™ Security Model and Security Extensions, which protect key components in an enterprise, most critically the server, clients and communications. SpectrumSCM also includes support for Lightweight Directory Access Protocol [LDAP] for enterprises that require more secure centralized user management.

“When we set out to develop SpectrumSCM, we had two clear criteria in mind – that the tool had to be flexible enough to work within an already established process, and that it had to be able to intuitively establish a process model where one did not already exist,” explains Sarathi Srinivasan, President and CEO, Spectrum Software.

“Following on from these initial principles, we were able to deliver a tool which integrates all of the required CM functionalities, sold separately by other vendors, into a single system. The provision of integrated functionality, rather than interfaced confusion, is key to driving up SCM adoption and enabling enterprises to realise real efficiencies at every stage of the project lifecycle process.”

These efficiencies mean that SpectrumSCM not only delivers savings in terms of significantly lower pricing, it also cuts enterprise running costs by negating the need for CM administrators. Furthermore, because it is an integrated tool - comprising Version Control, Issue Tracking, Process Management / Control, Workflow, Release Management and Parallel Development – it also removes the need for expensive interface programming.

“We look at SpectrumSCM as the ‘Buy once, use anywhere’ tool,” continues Srinivasan. “The comprehensiveness of the tool, combined with its cost efficiency, has already made it a success in the US and we have seen significant interest in Europe, but particularly the UK, evidenced by the number of downloads of evaluation licences from our website.

“SpectrumSCM’s full blown capability makes it a very attractive proposition to even the largest enterprises who have previously had to ‘make do’ with interfacing our competitors’ individual tools,” states Srinivasan. “At the other end of the scale, the pricing of such a comprehensive system also brings the benefits of full-featured and integrated CM to SMEs that have previously been unable to afford implementation and administration.”

Spectrum Software runs an ROI self-evaluation questionnaire from its website, enabling any organisation to realise the savings that can be achieved by deploying SpectrumSCM compared to peer CM solutions. Indeed, Spectrum Software guarantees that SpectrumSCM will deliver savings of up to 80% against any other existing integrated CM tool, or any non-integrated tools that have been manually interfaced with an external issue tracking system.

Such is the confidence in the performance of SpectrumSCM, a full money-back guarantee has been made by Spectrum Software.

The combination of comprehensiveness, affordability, ease of use and flexibility makes SpectrumSCM the perfect tool for CM and project lifecycle management even in a non-IT environment.

“Because it can be easily and affordably deployed at every desktop across an enterprise, SpectrumSCM is ideal for any organisation which goes through a project lifecycle as part of its offering,” concludes Srinivasan. “Lawyers, desk-top publishers, sales and marketing teams, designers and architects, amongst others, can all reap the benefits of CM practices, which will quickly deliver operational efficiencies and cost savings.”

Notes to editors:

Availability – SpectrumSCM, is available directly from Spectrum Software, Inc. For pricing, demos and sales information, please contact Spectrum sales representative [email:] at 001-770-448-8662 .[North America].
Product Website:

About Spectrum
Spectrum Software was established more than a decade ago, and has brought together extensive industry expertise to develop into a proven software systems design and services firm providing cost-effective, efficient and quality software products and services to large and small businesses. Spectrum Software has three divisions: Software Services, which focuses on outsourcing and leading software development projects for clients; Spectrum Multimedia, which creates multimedia-based software products for children; and the Software Products division, which engineers software tools and products.

Further details can also be found at: and

For further information, please contact:

Neil Jessiman / Sarah Bedwell
Companycare Communications
Tel: +44 118 939 5900
e-mail: or
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Spectrum Software
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