Spectrum Software Launches New Java-Based SCM Product–
SpectrumSCM™ Offers Full-Featured Way for Companies to Manage Their Information Assets

SAN FRANCISCO—Atlanta-based Spectrum Software, Inc., announces the availability of SpectrumSCM™, the first platform-portable, end-to-end system of integrated Source Configuration Management (SCM) tools for software developers.

“We’re excited about the opportunity to launch our new product at JavaOne,” said Sarathi Srinivasan, president of the Atlanta-based systems design and consulting firm. “After a solid 10-year track record as a provider of outsourcing services and leader of software development projects for clients, the launch of SpectrumSCM is a new chapter in our company’s growth and the start of many great things for our new Software Products Division.”

SpectrumSCM™ is an economically priced, single-source SCM system that includes integrated tools for version control, release management, process control management, branching and issue tracking. Every step in the circuitous process of software development, evolution and upgrading can be easily tracked and managed.

“We saw a real lack in the marketplace of integrated SCM systems, since other SCM tools are sold individually, restricted to certain platforms, are costly and complicated to implement,” said Srinivasan. “Instead of having to plow through an 80-page manual on ‘Getting Started,’ developers can install our system in a matter of minutes. It makes it easy to get the hairy beast of SCM under control, so developers can gain focus on what they do best —engineering software.”

And that’s exactly how Spectrum is taking the product to market—positioning it as a complete package with problem/issue tracking built in. It will primarily be targeted to those businesses who have pieced together a total application from individual vendors, or who have created their own applications because they are reluctant to commit to a single traditional solution that is built for one platform.

“Our product is a single, platform-portable solution for any company trying to manage its electronic information assets,” said Srinivasan. “Not add-ons, but key elements that work together seamlessly for anyone who wants to take care of SCM efficiently, without making it a career path.”

SpectrumSCM™ is based on 100% Java for total platform portability. Besides being portable across platforms, it is easily configurable, so criteria on software change requests and other internal processes can be customized quickly. Security is provided through the Java (J2SE) suite of safeguards, including SSL and cryptography extensions, profile-based access, and digital signature security.

About Spectrum

Spectrum Software is a decade-old, proven software systems design and services firm providing cost-effective solutions to large and small businesses. The company’s Software Services Division specializes in fixed-cost software development projects, software maintenance, reengineering and software consulting, while Spectrum’s Multimedia Division focuses on the development of new computer-based training products and multimedia software for children. The Multimedia Division’s flagship product is “Dee Cee Dreams,” a series that uses music, animation and comedy to teach social and moral values to children. For more information on Spectrum Software and SpectrumSCM, check out the company’s Web site at www.spectrumsoftware.net or call 770.448.8662.