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Sat, 15 Dec 2001    


Spectrum Appoints Tata Infotech as Partner
By Carol D'Costa
Mumbai, 13 December,2001.5.30 AM IST

Spectrum Software, Georgia-based software services manufacturer has signed up Tata Infotech as its official channel partner.

Sarathi Srinivasan, president of Spectrum Software in India, said, "Here, we have narrowed down Tata Infotech Limited (TIL) as our channel partner. We feel that the best way to be successful in India is to partner with credible and established software product distribution companies who have nationwide credibility and distribution channels already available."

Srinivasan added, "We are currently marketing SpectrumSCM, a management tool, in India. SCM (Source Configuration Management) is not just software configuration but whole product tracking of a product's source, whether it be documents, images, Web pages or software source code."

Spectrum has three divisions, software services, software products and Spectrum multimedia.

The target audience for SpectrumSCM are SMEs or large organizations where high-end tools are expensive, complicated and awkward to maintain and the low-end tools that have to be bought in pieces of functionality, often have integration problems. SpectrumSCM is an alternative in both situations.

Srinivasan further added, "It will primarily be targeted to those businesses who have pieced together a total application from individual vendors, or have created their own applications because they are reluctant to commit to a single traditional solution that is built for one platform."

SpectrumSCM is a single-source SCM system that includes integrated tools for version control, release management, process control management, branching and issue tracking.

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