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Spectrum comes to India with SCM tool

December 01, 2001

Sajal Banerjee, Bangalore

Source Configuration Management (SCM) is a product lifecycle tracking of products source, whether it be documents, images, Web pages or software source code. The source is tracked from the day it is introduced under SCM control through any and all product builds or releases that it is subsequently involved in.

Addressing this space in the Indian context is Spectrum Software which is launching operations in India. Targeting the small, medium and large organizations, Spectrum Software is contemplating making a dent in this market through its SpectrumSCM - a single source SCM system which includes integrated tools for version control, release management, process control management, branching and issue tracking.

"It will primarily be targeted at those businesses who have pieced together a total application from individual vendors, or have created their own applications because they are reluctant to commit to a single traditional solution that is built for one platform," said Sarathi Srinivasan, president & CEO, Spectrum.

Going to the market purely through the channel route, Spectrum is on the lookout for a suitable partner in the country. "We see India as a very important market space for use of Configuration Management (CM) tools. To make it successful here, is to partner with established software product distribution companies who have nationwide credibility and distribution channels. The ideal ones are those who are already distributing similar products and tools to organizations."

Presently, SpectrumSCM is available directly from Component Source, the distributor of re-usable components, and Sun Solution site, which is Sun Microsystem's authorised store for third party vendor products on Sun/Java Platforms.

In the immediate future, the company plans to have only one partner "if it is an established large entity that already has nationwide distribution and product marketing capabilities". However, the company is not against the idea of roping in regional partners, "who are experienced in their regions to handle goals".

Known for its IT services industry, India has the most number of CMM-level 4 and CMM-level 5 certified IT organizations which are process oriented. The worldwide CM industry, according to a market research by Ovum, is projected at $6.5 billion by 2005 from the present $2.5 billion. "If we assume that if India contributes 1-2 percent, the market size stands at around $65-$130 million dollars," Sarathi said.

Spectrum is targeting $582 million revenue within the first four years of operation. "Our first year goals are 1,000 licenses and the second year about 10,000."

Competing with companies like Rational Software, ClearCase, PVCS, Sarathi said the main difference in his product would be platform portability and value. "Our tool is 100% Java enabled to write-once run-anywhere strategy that enables us to maximize SpectrumSCM feature set while maintaining a competitive pricing level," he added.

On asked about the timing of entering the country, he said, "Fundamentally, organizations are watching their spending and any organization which is improving productivity, following quality practices, are always going to remain potential customers."

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